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  • 20 white Kongming lamps, matched with two-color oil-based pens, give full play to your creativity, write or draw anything, your wishes, your secrets, and the people you miss. This is the best choice for catharsis. Of course, it is also a very good event for festivals and anniversaries.High-quality Kongming lanterns make your thoughts and wishes fly higher and farther

  • ECO-Friendly and safety: Flying lanterns are biodegradable,Paper lanterns It is safe for they are made of flame retardant paper. there is no need to worry about fire. Under the supervision of adults, let the children join in boldly and safely.This is of course also a good science practice class for your children.

  • Easy to use: Chinese Sky lanterns for easy to use and the wax fuel is easy to light up.Put the wax block in the Kongming lantern, write the content you want to express on the sky lantern, then light the wax block, pinch the head of the sky lantern, the sky lantern expands and fills with carbon dioxide,After the sky lantern floats completely, you can be with your beloved People made a wish and let go. I would like to wish the buyers first: all wishes come true healthy and happy and a happy life.

  • Application Scenario: Chinese Lanterns to Release in Sky is a must-have activities for Beach、Courtyard、Festival、Dating、Party.It's also an interesting scientific experiment.Sky lanterns make outdoor activities more fun.Let children grow in play.Releasing lanterns for special events with your own wishing for weddings, birthdays, commemorations, Christmas, graduation and more! Light up the sky lanterns with a crush, and then confess a romantic moment like him/her that couldn’t be more suitable

  • Suggestion: Floating lanterns is forbidden to use in some areas, please contact the local fire department before purchasing to ensure that the paper lantern is legal in your area at the same time, children please use an open flame under the supervision of an adult.

  • Sky lanterns for easy to use and the wax fuel is easy to light up. Each package is equipped with operating instructions. Chinese lanterns production technology has been improved, No breakage or adhesion after opening.

    Please launch in dry or windless conditions. Please Make sure the wind speed does not exceed 5 km /h. Check the wind direction and ensure that the planned flight route of Chinese Lanterns is free of obstacles. Launch in an open space - far away from airports, Woodlands, Trees, Buildings, Overhead cables, Telegraph poles, Pylons and major roads. Children must under the supervision of adults to use the Chinese Lanterns.

    Sky Lanterns are 20 pack of white. Chinese lanterns flying in the air can make the celebration more memorable and impressive.

    Sky Lanterns 20 Pack White,Flying Lanterns Make Outdoor Activities More Fun,Floating Lanterns are Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable. - BGELFFZ41