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  • 【MEMORY LANTERN】Our Flying Lanterns can fly up to 1,000 meters ( 3,000 feet). No need to worry about embers after the lanterns landed.You can use a marker pen, write your wishes on the flying lantern, and then chinese paper lanterns to release in sky, each paper lantern will lights up the night sky and sends your blessing to the sky.

  • 【BIODEGRADABLE WISHING LANTERNS】The whole paper sky lantern is Hand-made, the rice paper materials used are derived from natural bark, straw, bamboo and cotton thread,The sky lanterns Will disappear automatically soon after falling.

  • 【CONSTANTLY UPGRADED QUALITY】The Chinese lantern is a handmade product and has been improved several times to solve the problem of easy tearing of customer feedback when opening. Foldable design, easy to store and carry

  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】Chinese Lanterns are suitable for any occasion. Releasing lanterns for special events with your own wishing. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, commemorations, Christmas, graduation and more! Make a wish to start your lantern in a romantic setting.

  • 【EASY TO USE】Paper star lantern can be easily assembled and the wax fuel are easy to light up. Instructions printed clearly on the surface of packaging. Only launch in calm/windless conditions. Launch in an open space - far away from airports,buildings,overhead cables,pylons and major roads(Not for indoor use).

  • Chinese lanterns flying in the air can make the celebration more memorable and impressive.

    -- Light-Weight, easy to carry and extremely safe
    -- Eco-friendly material, to protect environment
    -- High quality flame resistant paper
    -- Handmade, guaranteed quality and safe
    1.Color: White
    2.Material: Flame resistant paper
    3.Shape: Oval
    4.Quantity: 10 pcs
    5.Size:15.7 in * 31.5 in

    Package Includes:
    10 Pcs * Flying Chinese Paper Lanterns

    How To Use:
    1, Chinese lanterns is made of paper. The paper products are easy to stick together when folded. You must open it gently and open it completely.
    2,Tie the wax block in the middle of the iron wire and ignite the wax. It takes about 1 minute to make the wax block be completely burned. This action may require two people to finish together better. One person holds the whole lantern to keep it vertical and the other person lights the wax.
    3, The hot air will fill the entire lantern, and the flying light will rise slowly.

    Warm Tips:
    1. Choose an open windless area to fly your lantern. Stay away from tall buildings, and airports when using the Chinese Lanterns.
    2. Keep Paper Lanterns away from children.
    3. Chinese Paper Lanterns should be allowed to fly freely once they are fully lit, DO NOT hold it down for long periods of time.
    4. DO NOT hang anything under the Chinese Lanterns.

    Chinese Flying Lanterns 10 Pack White 100% Biodegradable Eco Friendly Collapsible Wishing Sky Paper Lanterns Lanterns to Release in Sky Memorial New Year Celebrations Weddings - BIUI1HDA0