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  • Pack of 6 volleyball dog tag necklaces with motivational sayings to inspire confidence, self-discipline, and hard work. These fashionable sports pendants are decorated with volleyball graphics and pops of color in a unisex color theme. Not only are these volleyball accessories fun to wear, but they will serve as daily reminders to set your goals high and achieve them.

  • This assorted variety pack of volleyball dogtag necklaces includes 3 different designs (2 pieces of each): Be a Game Changer, Believe in the Impossible, and Set Goals.

  • The dog tag pendants are made from aluminum metal, and measure approximately 1.2 inches wide x 2 inches high. Each necklace comes with a 20-inch long beaded chain, which can be easily adjusted by cutting to the desired size.

  • These gift-ready volleyball pendants come in a 6-pack so that you can give them away as gifts for your volleyball team. Hand them out before a big game, to boost the team's motivation and energy level. You can even use them as volleyball awards and prizes, to celebrate a big victory on the field. After receiving these stylish motivational volleyball necklaces, your team is sure to play at its best.

  • These one-size-fits-all volleyball necklaces will fit volleyball fans and volleyball lovers of all ages! They can be worn by youth, teen boys and girls, and adult men and women. Individually wrapped and ready to be used as sports party favors and goodie bag items, these motivational necklaces are unisex and universal.

  • This 6-pack of motivational volleyball necklaces contains 2 pieces each of 3 different motivational themes: Be a Game Changer, Believe in the Impossible, and Set Goals. Individually packaged to make convenient volleyball gifts and giveaway items, these volleyball souvenirs make perfect party favors and goodie bag prizes. The guests at your volleyball theme party will really appreciate these wearable motivational messages. They have a multitude of other uses, and are an essential item that should be in every volleyball coach or referree's toolbox. They are effective as coaching tools and teaching tools, and are usefull for encouraging self-discipline, hard work and perseverence. No volleyball team uniform is complete without these stylish sports pendants. These one-size-fits all unisex volleyball accessories can be worn by volleyball players and volleyball fans of all ages, from youth to teen boys and girls, to adult men and women. Each of these dog tag pendants comes with a 20 inch long beaded chain, which can be easily adjusted by cutting to the desired size.

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