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  • Widely Applications: Chinese paper lanterns are perfect for Partys, weddings, New Years Eve, graduations, anniversaries, any other festive event, valentines, parties, outdoor bonfires, birthdays, memorials, ceremonies, funerals, Christmas, etc

  • Biodegradable Material:Sky lanterns are made of high quality flame retardant paper, cotton wax fuel and bamboo. It is safe and easily degradable

  • Easy To Use: Easy assembly and the wax fuel is easy to light up. Each package is equipped with operating instructions.

  • Warning: Please check the local laws before purchasing to ensure that they can be used legally. Avoid using in strong wind,and avoid using in dense buildings. Must follow the instructions.

  • Memorable: Each paper lantern lights up the night sky and sends your blessing to the sky. It will bring you different and unforgettable experiences.

  • ➤Create Different Moments Everyone Will Remember With Chinese Sky Lanterns

    A different way to memory the people we loved

    Sky lanterns gives you the tools you need to commemorate any occasion.

    For the people we lost, we can sent our pray for them

    Our sky lanterns are easy to use and come easy assembled for your convenience.

    ➤Made of material that is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable, 

    You can feel ease that you aren’t adding pollution to the planet,

     Even when your sky lanterns fly slowly out of sight.

    ➤A safer option than sparking and unpredictable fireworks, lanterns.

    ☞Eco friendly and biodegradable material

    ☞Make any event special

    ☞Sturdy bamboo frame design

    ☞Intelligent wax fuel cell

    ♥ Thank you for chose our product, I hope your wish can be answered.

    40 Pack Chinese Lanterns Sky Lanterns Paper Lanterns to Release in Sky Memorial and Wishing Lanterns for Weddings Birthday Environmentally Friendly Multicolored - BHM6277Z9